Women of Color

Topics: Academic publishing, Peer review, African American Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Article summary

The purpose of the article is to explore the need and advantages of conducting community based research with women of colour in the United States. The authoritative knowledge that these women can provide about their lives and their health could form the basis of collaboration between researchers and participants and lead to successful strategies to improve the health of African American women. The article provides the goals for improving African American women’s health before investigating the issues related to cultural sensitivity, reciprocity, accountability and authoritative voices in order to argue that the research on these women and their health must be attuned to the multiple identities the women possess that are associated with race, gender and class.

Article structure

The article was introduced with an abstract, which provided the stance or thesis developed by the article as well as a brief overview of main points. The rationales for the article and for the research it describes were also included. The paragraphs in the body were short and therefore the information in each paragraph was easy to access, however there were only 3 body headings, which meant that there was a lot of quite detailed information contained under each heading. As the article described a research study that was conducted by the author, the article contained the conventional information normally provided in such a study. For example there are sections related to the background and significance of the research, a review of the literature and the methodology as well as the data collection and analysis techniques used. The findings and conclusions were developed towards the end of the article however the conclusion was very short, lacking a comprehensive summary of the main points covered by the article. However the short conclusion did develop future policy and research directions. References were cited in-text and set out clearly in the literature cited...
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