Women in the Military

Topics: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, First Lady of the United States Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Relationships have changed over the years, women are no longer viewed by most as someone who just stays home and has kids and takes care of the house. They too are now in positions of power in the work place and military. Take for instance Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton she has been a senator, the only American first lady to hold national office and is currently the Secretary of state. That is a very powerful position I bet she had to work really hard to get there also.

I think this scares some men in the military “not all” but most men have always been in power, in control of everything except having babies and keeping house. They think they will lose all their control I guess if a woman can do the same job. Most groups our text says resist and subvert the efforts of those with power over them by: like the military these men go to great lengths to resist their women co-workers. They sabotage, name calling, foot dragging, and spreading rumors about them.

It’s like the military, Scotts says some men accept the women, but very few. Miller says accept change openly and others think it should have never happened in the first place. I do agree with the military aspect of this because if you’re out there in combat you defiantly want someone with you that is going to hold up their end, if not you could end up being shot and killed or blew up. I think the men and women in the Military should all have the same basic training there should not be any double standards enforced here if women want in they should be able to do the job and do it just like the men have to. I was really unaware that the men and women had a different basic training method that to me is not right at all they should all have to do the same thing.

I think the conflict theory works here because still today society comes about by forcing those in power to yield, for the ones in power they do not willingly give in.

I thought I...
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