Women in the Coorporate World

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Women in the corporate world

Name : Kelvin Ng Man Heng (I06004476)
Course Code : ENL 292 (Communication and Study Skills)
Lecturer : Phawani A/P A. Vijayaratnam

Brain storming | /5|
Outline| /10|
Detail Outline| /15|
Paraphrasing Summary| /10|
Final Copy| /10|
Journal| /20|

My topic is about women in the corporate world . The reason I had chosen this topic after I read a book title "The truth about woman" by C. Gasquoine Hartley and from my daily life experience seeing women not being treat equally compare to men just because they are known as the "weaker sex" . For example, my neighbor who is a widow looking after four children and earn a living by just selling noodle is capable to provide education (financially) to her children. Why look down on the abilities of woman? Sometimes the perseverance of a woman is better than a man. In my opinion, any men who says this to a feminist would probably be called a "Male Chauvinist Pig", MCP for short. The days when men led and women followed are gone. " In days of old when knights were bold ", the men were the ones who went about the business of ruling and running the country. The woman remained in the background, cooking, cleaning the house and bringing up the children. Nowadays the situation has changed tremendously. Woman also share the responsibilities of running and ruling the country as much as the men. They are on equal footing with men. They are emancipated.

Does their emancipation result in the enslavement of men ?

Look at our present society, we can see that there are no male slave. Granted some men help in domestic chores. Attitudes have changed. Men do not feel that it is degrading nor it is humiliating to be on an equal footstep with the woman.

I firmly believed that women must join the corporate level and treated equally and this is the moment when true emancipation is achieved, there can be no slaves or master. Everyone, male or female, plays his or her role freely and naturally. My first argument is about women should be allowed into the corporate world. Modern women share the same responsibilities as men of ruling and running the country. We have women ministers, general managers, pilots, and even truck drivers. No longer are women considered the "weaker" sex. During the past fifty years, the situation of professional women has changed dramatically. Women have expanded their career aspirations. They are no longer confined to traditional female fields such as education or nursing. The world of business today is very different from the world of business fifty years ago. Advances in technology plus the evolving work and family roles of women in every country have contributed to the business environment of the 21st century. Women are now employed in previously male-dominated fields such as law, professional sports, the military, law enforcement, fire fighting and top level corporate positions. Working women today spend less time maintaining the household than they did thirty years ago. Base on Agarwal (2011) , sexism and gender equality is discussed by the world. Affirmative programmes are placing more women in management positions. The research shows that women are unable to succeed in the same numbers or same rates as males. According to a recent study done by the researchers at Catalyst and Harvard Business School, they confirmed women play an important role in the future of the corporate world because women can make better decision than men.

Some people thinks that women are still considered second-rate. In some parts of the world, old customs and prejudices still prevail. The male dominates and the female follows meekly behind. However it will be just a matter of time when these women too will get their emancipation. For the moment they may yet hide behind their apron strings, but sooner or later their...
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