Women & How They See Themselves

Topics: Woman, Mind, Healing Pages: 1 (446 words) Published: March 6, 2009
Women and How They See Themselves
How different do women look at themselves from the early 1900”s to the early 2000’s? My love of the subject matter caused me to look into this question. Using two poems “Women” by Adrienne Rich and “Women’s Rights” by Samhain Whitefox, I have been able to explore the world through the eyes of two women, one from the early 1900’s and the other from the early 2000’s. In the poem “Women” by Adrienne Rich the women seem more concerned with how others perceive them and want to heal a broken heart. One of the sisters is “sewing her costume for the procession. She is going as the Transparent lady and all her nerves will be visible” it seems as if she trying to say that she feels invisible, and the fact that she is not seen or heard hurts her. The second sister, who is also sewing “at the seam over her heart which has never healed entirely, at last she hopes, This tightness in her chest will ease.” She seems so distraught that all she can do is hope that her pain will ease. She takes no steps towards her own healing. The second sister seems so heart broken that she may even be wishing to die. The third sister appears lost in her own mind as “she is gazing at a dark-red crust spreading westward far out on the sea” Knowing that she is beautiful, she has little regard for her clothing “her stockings are torn but she is beautiful”. The author in this poem appears to be speaking to herself in her own mind as if she does not want anyone to know what she is thinking or how she is feeling. In “Women’s Rights” by Samhain Whitefox the poet is a very strong, very determined woman, “who does not fear death” “who courageously stands up” a woman “who perseveres against all odds” she is not concerned with how others perceive her. She is her own person who will do what is needed for herself. Although she “follows with loyalty” she does not need to be lead, she can and will “lead with confidence. As the writer states in the poem, she is her...
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