Women Entrepreneurship in India

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International Indexed & Referred Research Journal, June, 2012. ISSN- 0974-2832, RNI-RAJBIL 2009/29954;VoL.IV *ISSUE-41

Research Paper - Commerce

Women Entrepreneurship in India
* Mrs. Savita Kumari

June , 2012

* Shahabad (M), Kurukshetra
This paper is confined to the problems for women entrepreneur in India like lack of education, family support, financial problems etc and also put light on the solutions of these problems. The measure taken by Government to encourage women entrepreneur are also taken in to consideration. All of these shows a change in status of women in society but the change is rather slow which needs more efforts.

An Entrepreneur is one who always searches
for truth respond to it and exploit it as an opportunity.
Entrepreneur takes risks to explore new profitable business opportunities. In past times only the males are considered
capable of being an entrepreneur but as the time and
trend is changing the women is also coming forward in
entrepreneurship as like other sector with the male.
Women entrepreneur may be defined as a
woman or group of women who initiates, organize and
run business enterprise.
There are some basic qualities which are required for women or men entrepreneur like innovation, organizer, risk taker, achievement motivator and self
confident. However the extent of these qualities may
vary person to person but these are the basic requirements for being an entrepreneur. Objectives of The Study:
To study the challenges to women entrepreneur and suggest the measures to overcome these challenges and also to review the measures taken by
Government to increase women entrepreneurship
Women Entrepreneurship:
In the past women is taken only as house
manager but with the change of time, change of thinking and spread of education the role of women in society is also changed. Now a days the women is not only a housewife but she plays different roles like Bank

Manager, Civil Officer, I.A.S. etc.The women entrepreneur is also the one outcome of this fast changing society. But the women entrepreneur in Indian context
has to face a lot of challenges to survive in this male
dominating society.
Challenges To Woman Entrepreneur:
1. Lack of Education:
The first and most serious problem to women
entrepreneur is the lack/ less education facility. These
further results in lack of knowledge and information

about availability of raw material, financial facilities,
Govt. helps and coming opportunities. This blocks the
path of growth of women entrepreneur.
2. Male dominated Society:
The Indian society is changing fastly but yet
it is male driven society. The thinking towards women
is inferior as compared to men. About 90% women
talent goes waste due to the negligence and non-supporting nature of family members. So women have to fight a long battle to become a successful entrepreneur
as compared to men.
3. Family Ties:
Every entrepreneur has to spend a lot of time
for his business if he wants to grow. But in case of
women entrepreneur the family becomes an obstacle in
that thing. If a woman is unable to devote enough time
to family, it gives rise to conflicts on the other hand
without giving full time to business she can not be a
successful entrepreneur.
4. Problem of Finance:
In India it is a trend that the parental immovable properly or business goes in hands of male child by succession. So the woman faces the difficulty in
obtaining finance, managing the working capital and
credit. As the women has very less property in their
own name which restricts in obtaining loans from
financial institutions as they demand the security for
loan granted.
5. Scarcity of Raw Material:
The women are not much aware about the
alternative source of raw material or they do not have
access to them. So the women entrepreneur faces difficulty in obtaining proper and adequate raw material. 6. Stiff Competition:
A lots of women enterprise have...
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