Women Empowerment

Topics: Woman, India, Gender Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Women empowerment: A Reality check

A woman plays a vital role not only in the development of a nation but also in the construction of an economy. She is responsible for nurturing youth and fostering the value system to serve the society. Studies have shown that there is a direct relation between the attitude of the nation toward female and the progress of the nation. Russia has 116 women per 100 men, 105 women in japan per 100A woman is a mother, sister, daughter, wife, worker, learner, highly civilized citizen and a wonderful leader. S. No| Country| Women per 100 men|

1| Estonia| 119|
2| Russia| 116|
3| European Union| 109|
4| Poland| 106|
5| Austria| 105|
6| Spain| 104|
7| Argentina| 103|
8| Germany| 103|
9| Canada| 102|
10| Brazil| 102|
11| Australia| 100|
12| China| 94|
13| India | 94|
Gender disparity attitude in India has taken place from long generation and has affected women and their lives. When a boy is born the family members, friends and relative exclaim congratulations. Birth of a son is taken for granted as insurance to the future of the family. When a girl comes to the world most of the people take it as a liability created. Dispite of various demographic changes which have given the country a new amplitude socially economically and emotionally, the attitude of a male toward a female remain unchanged. Few observation are like * a woman who rises the corporate ladder fast sleeps her way up' * men are supposed to be the provider while women  are supposed to be the caretakers. Hence a woman who wants to continue working after having kids isn’t a good mother * a woman who drinks, smokes and/or wears skin revealing clothes is immoral and/or looking for men * a married woman has to act ‘mature’ i.e. she should move over  ‘childish’ things like giggling uncontrollably with her girlfriends, playing pranks,  cracking jokes etc. *...
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