Women and Divorce

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  • Published : February 28, 2008
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The suffering of women has gone on for centuries; this has slowly diminished but still exists in today's society. Although women have their own rights and freedom they can still come across problems like the repercussions of divorce. In this sticky topic of divorce we sometimes don't think about the whole process and how exactly all parties involved are affected and what kind of double standards are in place. Divorce affects all of the people involved but none more harshly than women and children due to poverty. This will be underlined by analyzing the situation to those affected by divorce, models of the family and thoughts and proposals/solutions on family law.

In divorce there is believed to be a huge double standard in the fact that the woman basically gets the short end of the stick. In a household a mother usually takes care of the children and the father usually brings home the economic value, in the event that a mother also provides economic value its usually not as much as the fathers. If by divorce all material items are split up in half, and the mother usually gets the child, now the mother is working with less than half the income their used to for the support of her children and only half of the material everyday things. Assuming that the mother is the primary caregiver, she now has a lot of things to deal with. Along with the many steps of divorce she will have to take care of her children and look for a new place to live once their house is sold and find a job if she is a stay at home caregiver. Once divorced the male takes his larger income and doesn't have to spend it on his children anymore and therefore has less responsibility and a less likely chance of turning to poverty.

With understanding divorce you need to know the history behind the event and what specific models are involved. There are three models of the family which I will be display to highlight its effect on divorce and how it leads to women and child poverty. The first model is...
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