Woman Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Middle East, Sociology Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Woman as a leader in Middle East
Research Introductions

Nowadays, the leadership of woman is become more essential in the developing process for the civilized societies as a man’s colleague in managing companies. However, woman in some societies still facing many difficulties at her work like cultural heritages that do not accept the woman as a leaders.

In the last two decade woman’s leadership value increased significantly comparing to man in managing public and private organizations in Jordan .we started to see women in the decision making position in organization and leading their own businesses ,and fortunately the government constantly support them ,however , Whilst the subject of women and organization leadership is well documented internationally, research in this field is rare in Middle East and Jordan in particular. This scarcity consolidates the commonly held belief that equity has been achieved in this country which masks the persistence of gender discrimination and social injustice.  My study will explore three keys: (1) how culture shape the way woman lead as well as their perceptions and beliefs about leadership in business and organizations in Jordan.(2) The Jordanian cultural influence on woman leadership. (3) The obligation of these woman leaders to have significant positive influence on their culture. Along with that ,I will the most important obstacles .Qualitative methodology and narrative analysis will be used in this study by interviewing some business and organization leaders woman from Jordan, and collect their professional and personal experience about the cultural influences on their leadership. which will allow to answer our questions in-depth Its generally agreed that Leaders’ personality and work values are always influenced by the culture where they lives or works .In...
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