Woman in Black Monologue

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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The Woman in Black - Susan Hill
Script Writing Pg 47

Walks down stage, addresses audience.

Kipps: Suddenly conscious of the cold and the extreme bleakness and eeriness of the spot and of the gathering dusk of the November afternoon, and not wanting my spirits to become so depressed that I might begin to be affected by all sorts of morbid fancies, I was about to leave, and walk briskly back to the house, where I intended to switch on a good many lights and even light a small fire if it were possible, before beginning my preliminary work on Mrs Drablow’s papers.

Glances at Burial Ground and sees the woman again.
Comes forward to addresses Audience again

Kipps: It wasn’t so much flesh, more bone and she had no expression on her ravaged, colourless face. But then as I stared to the point where my eyeballs became stuck, I saw the expression, one of dread, but one of hopelessness and inadequate, desperate for something which had been taken from her, yes, she was missing something!

Woman’s face shows in more detail.
Woman comes Down Stage so audience can see her more.
Kipps addresses audience again.

Kipps: I was scared, frightened, partly because of the passionate emotion and concentration which streamed from her. That frightened me, she seemed to direct all her evilness towards me, why, what had I done? But at this particular moment in time I could far from base my reactions upon reasons and logic. For I did not know if her hatred was projected towards me.

Glances over shoulder.

Kipps: The one thing I did know was that due to the combination of the peculiar, isolated place and the sudden appearance of the woman and her dreadfulness of her expression began to fill me with fear.
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