Wolf Creek Dam

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Portland General Electric’s North Fork Dam, on the Clackamas River southeast of Portland, is a thin, variable-radius concrete arch dam with a maximum height of 207 feet and a thickness varying from 32 feet at the base to 8 feet at the crest. The spillway is a 200-foot-long gated ogee-type structure with a 250-foot-long reinforced concrete chute discharging into the tailrace. The spillway is controlled by three, 50-foot-wide by 37.5-foot-high tainter gates. The powerhouse contains two generating units capable of producing 54 MW of power. A fish ladder is located on right side of the dam.

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Val Kofoed1
Paul Rollins2
As part of an ongoing rehabilitation effort at Wolf Creek Dam, a sixty-year old structure on the Cumberland River, the US Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District recently employed a new seepage-diagnosis tool that uses Controlled Source - Audio Frequency Domain Magnetics (CS- AFDM). In this procedure, electrodes are strategically placed on the up and downstream sides of an earthen embankment dam. When the electrodes are charged, the electrical current gathers in areas of highest water concentration while emitting a distinctive magnetic field (Biot-Savart Law). That field is then captured by a specially tuned receiver, and the received data is used to generate both two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional models of the water flow in the surrounding area. The maps and models show where the dam may be compromised by developing seeps. If seepage is detected, these resources provide remediation teams with the information necessary to begin stemming the water flow.

This technology carries great promise. By using electrical currents and magnetic fields— rather than drawing down reservoirs or drilling—to analyze the seepage paths, CSAFDM procedures can avoid much of the disruption and delay entailed in more traditional analytical techniques. Though still new, the use of CS-AFDM in the diagnostic imaging of embankment dams has been tested with sufficient frequency and in a sufficiently diverse set of circumstances to begin drawing some general conclusions about its overall utility. This paper will detail the latest developments in the evolution of this technology, focusing in...
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