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ST2315 WEB AND MOBILE ANALYTICS DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (DBIT) CA1 (AY 2013 / 2014 SEMESTER 1) I. ASSIGNMENT 1 OVERVIEW (Due: Week 6 - 20 May 2013 9am)You and your team are social media analytics consultants engaged by Borders Marketing(BM), a major marketing agency. You have been trained in Social Media Listening (SML) and have been monitoring social media content and events from mid Apr 2013 to end May 2013. Using an appropriate approach you have learnt, you and your team (team size of 4 members) are to collect data and analyse the data collected and make recommendations to perform a brand audit between a local company and overseas company from the assigned industry. Refer to Section II for the list of industries. Refer to Section III for the suggested approach to perform your analysis. You and your team may also propose the use of additional data, charts / graphs to support your recommendations if required. II. INDUSTRIES a. Below is a suggested list only, you may want to propose your own that is not in this list with the approval of your tutor. b. No.| Category| 1| F&B Industry|

2| Hospitality and Tourism Industry|
3| IT Industry|
4| Retail Industry|
c. You are advised to pick companies of sufficient size to ensure your team has enough data points for analysis. III. SUGGESTED APPROACH * Your team is advised to use an appropriate social media listening tool to collect data and aid in the analysis. You may supplement with other appropriate tools when necessary. You should briefly justify your choice of tools in your report. * You should perform Keyword identification as part of your analytics process and show evidence of your thought processes. * You should perform Channel identification as part of your process and show evidence of your thought processes. * Demonstrate sentiment analysis for the 2 companies. * Produce evidence of buzz trends for the 2 companies. * Produce...
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