Without the Rule of Law Anarchy Would Prevail

Topics: Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, Law, Cultural Revolution Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Without the rule of law, anarchy would prevail. Discuss.

Brónagh Buchanan.

Morning Short Access.

The first thing a person thinks of when they hear of anarchy is, Chaos, mayhem, and lawlessness. There is another side to this, a positive side. Revolutions, fighting for civil rights, standing up for what u believe in. In this essay I am going to discuss how this is a very flippant statement. Anarchy is not necessarily a negative thing. Law needs anarchy to exist. Humanity needs law to exist. So there is a sort of double standard. In an effort to deliberate this further, research in this area has helped me have a better understanding. Also finding out why and how peoples beliefs make them act in a certain way to become ‘anarchists’. The criminal idea of anarchy. The psychology behind it is very interesting. Law and anarchy is everywhere in life, as simple as a home there is law and anarchy. The ruler and the follower. Life is not simply black and white; there are most certainly more grey shades.

“Anarchy is one of the most vague and ambiguous words in language” George Cornewall Lewis 1832.

Laws are emplaced for our protection. People need to have a certain respect for each other whether you are a law abiding citizen or an outlaw. Somewhere as simple as a household there is the clash of personalities. Parents V’s Kids, parents obviously being the dictator, the law. Children, the little anarchists trying to fight the law without even realising what is happening. People can not live side by side without conflict. I think it is impossible. Everyone has opinions, and our own certain way of performing which might cause conflict. Such as in the worlds society. Not a single person on this earth has no opinion. We couldn’t count how many people, woman, and man child has died fighting for what they believe in, or basic civil rights. Tiananmen Square 1989, there was no one reason. People of China were in mourning of their general secretary of the Chinese...
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