Without Love Life Is Meaningless

Topics: Love, English-language films, All You Need Is Love Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: February 3, 2012
- “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”- Kahlil Gibran -

Money makes the world go around. Living in the new millennium, it is very apparent money is what’s important. Money is the root of all evil, yet the source of happiness. Then again, this statement could only hold water depending on the financial status of the person in question. There may be more than one thing in life that holds importance. Personally, I feel there indeed is more than one thing. Looking at the big picture makes me realize that love is the most important thing in life. This may be in large part that I, the person writing this paper, have not experienced love first hand outside of my family. Look at the people in the world who are at the top of the social ladder, they have money, they have what may appear to be everything that would make a person happy. But, do all of them have love? Most of them are miserable because money cannot buy you everything, this includes love. Looking further into it all, although the person may seem happy on the outside, they may not be on the inside. This may lead back to the fact that they have not found love. In a way everything goes hand in hand with love. Family is centered on love, happiness will lead someone to finding love, which in the end makes you feel whole, which eventually leads to economic success. Love is what makes life interesting. Maybe, by the end of this paper I will discover that love may bring happiness, but may not necessarily be the most important thing in life.

When I first began this paper I was convinced money was the most important thing in life. After the class wrote down their opinions on what they thought was the most important, I soon came to realize that money was not even a thought in anyone’s head. All their answers centered on love, whether it be dealing with friendship or family, love was the ending result. As I began to research even further into this topic I discovered many people felt the same...
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