With the Development of Digital Technologies the Future of Television Lies with Satellite or Cable Broadcasting. the Era of Terrestrial Broadcasting Is Now over.

Topics: Music video, Mass media, Film Pages: 4 (1312 words) Published: March 16, 2008
With the development of digital technologies the future of television lies with Satellite or Cable Broadcasting. The era of Terrestrial Broadcasting is now over.

In my life, I have only witnessed first hand, the effects of media and its development since about 1995, as this is the earliest I can remember. However, my huge interest in the subject has lead me to broaden my knowledge over the way media had developed in the 1980's and even earlier. I believe that what I have witnesses is in fact the most important time period in the media development timeline so far.

The 1980's is where the first seeds of the media becoming something that would eventually grow into what it is today, began to grow. New ways to impress the audience were being developed and used, for example simple camera and post production techniques, such as picture in picture, and time lapse became commonplace later on as they were having a great impact upon the way the audience viewed the media. To take one example further, Time lapse was being used as an alternative to live action special effects, previous effects such as stop motion models being used where large scale production could not take place, were becoming more visually advanced and seeming more lifelike. Stop motion has allowed things to be done easier and to relatively the same, if not better effect. The film American Werewolf in London is a prime example as it was one of the first to use stop motion to great effect when showing transformation sequences of the main character transforming from human to werewolf. Infact the work in the film impressed the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences so much, that they created an awards category at the Oscars specifically for it – the Outstanding Achievement in Makeup Award. This unity between make-up and media effects was used to great effect without allowing the make-up effects to outshine the actual film.

A prime place for these new techniques and methods to be displayed was Top...
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