Wit the Movie

Topics: Euthanasia, Life, Death Pages: 3 (1259 words) Published: April 26, 2013
What constitutes a good death? Many people have had many different ideas and opinions that can vary on the subject matter of dying and dying with dignity. Julia Nueberger, the author of book Dying Well says many people believe that “the good death is pain free” (Nueberger 2004). What I know about dealing with death is that many people fear what may come and of course the unknown. When faced with dying, many different emotions can come about that you would have never thought about before you had to face dying. Many people go through the different stages of death such as denial or anger for example. Even the smartest and most intellectual people can misunderstand death and what it means to die well or what it means to die with dignity. I like it best the way Dr. Ira Byock, looks at dying with dignity and the need for care at the end of life as he states “the need for care is not undignified; it’s just human” (Byock, 2010). In the assigned movie Wit, the main role is of Vivian Bearing which is a college professor who teaches a course in English Poetry who spent numerous years transcribing and translating the poetry of John Donne, who was known as a master of metaphysical poets. She too is known for her vast knowledge of metaphysical poetry. She is a very bright and scholarly woman although her students view her as cold and unfriendly. At the age of 48 Vivian is diagnosed with advanced metastatic ovarian cancer. Her physician‘s name is Dr. Kelekian, who wants her to take several high-dose experimental chemotherapy treatments. She agrees to the debilitating treatment, one that won’t save her life but that will further scientific knowledge initiated by her love of knowledge even though it seems like more of a research project than any standard patient treatment. She is also treated by a former student by the name Jason Posner, who has become a bright researcher as well. He doesn’t seem to have much compassion or sensitivity towards Vivian and her treatment he...
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