Wireless Fidelity

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Wireless Fidelity

Wi-Fi, which stands for “Wireless Fidelity”, is a radio technology that networks computers so they connect to each other and to the internet without wires.It refers to wireless LAN products based on the IEEE 802.11b specification.Users can share documents and projects,as well as an internet connection among various computer stations.

A Wi-Fi network operates just like a wired network, without restrictions imposed by wires .Not only does it enable users to move around and be mobile at home and at work, it also provides easy connections to the internet and business networks while travelling.

The technologies used in this field are one of the best in the wireless space. When compared with other fast improving technologies like Bluetooth and 3G, Wi-Fi is seen to have many advantages. We can setup networks at home and office using Wi-Fi . It is fairly easy to setup a Wi-Fi enabled network at home or a small office. Wi- Fi is several times faster than Bluetooth and operates like a high speed modem.

There are many security issues that come under Wi-Fi . The main problem that it has till now is that it is easy for hackers to attack the network. The security method that is used now is the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).The new VPN (Virtual Private Network) method seems to correct everything that is wrong with WEP.


Wireless Fidelity

Wi-Fi, or Wireless Fidelity is freedom :it allows you to connect to the internet from your couch at home, in a hotel room or a conferance room at work without wires . Wi-Fi is a wireless technology like a cell phone. Wi-Fi enabled computers send and receive data indoors and out; anywhere within the range of a base station. And the best thing of all, it is fast. However you only have true freedom to be connected any where if your computer is configured with a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED radio (a PC card or similar device). Wi-Fi certification means that you will be able able to connect

anywhere there are other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products – whether you are at home ,office , airports, coffee shops and other public areas equipped with a WiFi access availability.Wi-Fi will be a major face behind hotspots , to a much greater extent.More than 400 airports and hotels in the US are targeted as Wi-Fi hotspots. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo is your only assurance that the product has met rigorous interoperability testing requirements to assure products from different vendors will work together. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo means that it is a “safe” buy.


certification comes from the Wi-Fi Alliance, a non profit

international trade organisation that tests 802.11 based wireless equipment to make sure that it meets the Wi-Fi standard and works with all other manufacturer’s Wi-Fi equipment on the market. The Wi-Fi Alliance (WELA) also has a Wi-Fi certification program for Wi-Fi products that meet interoperability standards. It is an international organisation devoted to certifying interoperability of 802.11 products and to promoting 802.11as the global wireless LAN std across all market segment.


Wireless Fidelity

In IEEE's proposed standard for wireless LANs (IEEE 802.11), there are two different ways to configure a network: ad-hoc and infrastructure. In the adhoc network, computers are brought together to form a network "on the fly." As shown in Figure 1, there is no structure to the network; there are no fixed points; and usually every node is able to communicate with every other node. A good example of this is the aforementioned meeting where employees bring laptop computers together to communicate and share design or financial information. Although it seems that order would be difficult to maintain in this type of network, algorithms such as the spokesman election algorithm (SEA) [4] have been designed to "elect" one machine as the base station (master) of the network with the others being slaves. Another algorithm...
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