Winston Churchill-a Hero

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Winston Churchill-A Hero
Heroes are people who help others despite their own health and wellness. Discipline, Fortitude and Dedication are traits important in heroes, because discipline (an orderly mind) is necessary for achieving mental peace and having a clear head for difficult situations. Fortitude is the mental strength needed to go through emotional times without breaking and dedication is necessary for reaching any goal. Furthermore, one hundred percent effort is the only thing that will guarantee success. At the same time patience, compassion and integrity are the three traits needed in order to communicate successfully with people. Integrity is crucial to earn a person’s trust, while patience is necessary when dealing with an individual’s shortcomings. Also, when society is suffering through tough times, a hero should empathize and show kindness or compassion in order to help communities back to their feet. Lastly, an important trait for a hero is to possess audacity, because it takes courage to speak out one’s beliefs and even more daring to go through the line of fire to realize those goals and make them a reality. Sir Winston Churchill, a well-known British Prime Minister, was a man who navigated his nation in a sea of bloodshed in World War II and managed to be a humanitarian at the same time. Even after death, Sir Winston Churchill is considered a

hero because he exhibited the qualities of audacity, patience, fortitude, compassion, integrity, discipline and dedication. One may question the true meaning of discipline and how to exhibit it. Discipline is more of a choice than an actual personality trait. To choose to be disciplined is to choose to use rational thinking, will power to achieve and overcome obstacles and develop a controlled and structured mindset. After finishing school in Harrow, Churchill attended the Royal Military College in Sandhurst, where he was top in class and was accepted into the cavalry (Sir Winston Churchill). In...
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