Winners Never Quit

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Winners Never Quit

How many of you are living your childhood and adolescence dreams? Two years back I went to Arbaminch University to give a bridge design course and on my way back in a plane, a 9 year old kid sat beside me. His mother and elder sister sat one step behind us. After some acquaintance, I asked him "What do you want to become when you grow up?" He replied "I want to become a pilot." Then I asked him "What about your sister?" He said "She wants to become a queen." The girl's dream may look unrealistic in a country with a different form of government, but the point is that as kids, we were full of dreams.

Our dreams get clearer and more realistic as we grow up into adolescence. One reason I love teaching is because I help shape the future of young boys and girls so that they attain their dreams.

To be full of dreams is innate and natural. As Deepak Chopra, a world renowned mind body medicine expert put it in his book entitled "The seven spiritual laws of success", we are purposeful beings - we are born to accomplish something and contribute for the better of humanity. There are certain things that you and only you can accomplish in this whole world because you are endowed with the talent or talents to accomplish it.

Therefore, the first step is to discover what your purpose is, what you are here on earth for. Mother Tereza was here on earth to care for the needy and share them love. Mahtama Ghandi freed India from colonialism peacefully. Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, etc. served their purposes. When you discover your purpose and do that thing you are on earth for, you enjoy doing it and you do it effortlessly and attain internal purpose (happiness and joy), and you will be successful and attain external purpose.

Do we have the resource we need to accomplish our purpose? Do you know what resource we need to accomplish our purpose? Anthony Robbins in his book entitled "Awaken the Giant...
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