Wine of Astonishment

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Introduction to Computer Applications

Business Group

Sample Quiz 2

SECTION A - 20 multiple choice question

Answer all questions in this section by selecting the correct answer.

1.What are the four basic operations performed by a computer?

(b) Storage, processing, input, output.

2.Which of the following is an example of a Word Processing Software?

(b) Wicrosoft Word

3.A ___________________ is equal to approximately one million bytes.

(a) Megabyte (abbreviated MB)

4.To work with a saved file, the file must first be removed from ____________________.

(a) Storage and placed into RAM

5.CD-ROM is an abbreviation for _______________________.

(a) Compact disc, read-only memory

6.Which of the following is a common form of input device used with personal computers?

(d) Keyboard

7.The circuitry in the system unit is usually part of, or is connected to, a circuit board called ________________.

(a) Motherboard

8. The mouse controls the movement of a symbol on the screen called a (n)_________________

(c) Pointer

9.Which of the following best describes telecommunication?

(b) the altering of data in transmission over the telephone network

10.______________________ software can be used to calculate numbers arranged in rows and columns and often used for budgeting.

(c) Spreadsheet

11.Application software can be used __________________________________________.

(d) All of the above.

12.________________________ software is used in an organized manner, as well as to retrieve, manipulate, and display that data in a meaningful form.

(c) Database

13.Two types of system software are _______________________________.

(d) The operating system and utility program

14The intersection of the second column and third row on the spreadsheet is referred to as cell

(a) B3

15Volatile is the term used in relation to _______________________________.

(b) Working storage

16.Which of the following would be used in an Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPOS) system?

(a) Barcode reader

17.What is the name given to the set of instructions that the computer executes?

(d) program

18Which of the following is NOT a component of a typical computer system?

(c) Scanning

19In a computer system, ________________________ converts data into information.

(d) Processing

20Software that coordinates the running of all the components of the computer is known as the:

(b) Operating Software

21Typically what extension do Microsoft Word documents have?

(b) .doc/docx

22In telecommunication, transmission speed is usually measured in_____________________.

(b) bits per second

23.The term application software refers to programs that:

(a) Are developed to solve a specific problem to perform useful work

24A soft copy output does not exist ___________________________.

On a paper

25The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the part of the computer that ________________________

Decodes and Execute instructions

26Which term describes a kind of printer?


27.Which are the most powerful category of computers and accordingly the most expensive?

Super Computer

28The term software refers to:

(d) Any program or sequence of instructions that tells the computer what to do

29What is a computer?

(b) An electronic device that accepts process, storage, input and output

30Word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation graphics applications often are sold together as a single unit, called a _________________________, for a price that is significantly less than buying the applications individually.

(c) Suit


For the following statements, select True or False as appropriate.

1.Software is an optional component of the computer’s system


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