William Wordsworth & Romantic Poetry

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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William Wordsworth and romantic Poetry
In Wordsworth’s “We are seven”, characteristics of nature was included because beginning on line 41 the little cottage girl says” My stockings there I often knit, My ‘kerchief there I hem; And there upon the ground I sit- I sit and sing to them,” this stanza shows how the girl enjoys the therapeutic quality of sitting outside by the church-yard tree with her brother and sister. The beautiful girl also discusses how she is one out of seven, even when she is be told she is really one of five. Her debate with the writer is very spiritual and depicts the supernatural characteristic that her dead siblings are still apart of her world. This poem can be best categorized as a Common Life concept because the little cottage girl is expressing her opinion to the other freely in a very simple way and she is in harmony with the environment she is in.

“Lines written in early spring” contains the characteristic of boundless aspirations with birds being inserted around line 13 and they represent how free they are, the birds are not bounded by the limitations that we have as humans. Wordsworth also glorified the common place by making every little flower, twig, bird, and even air sound better than what the average person would describe them. He seems to be writing about an overflow of powerful feelings by appreciating every little detail in the scene and discussing his sweet mood yet grieving about “what man has made of man.”

Wordsworth had a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings in “I wandered lonely as a Cloud”; he recollected in tranquility of the stars, daffodils, and waves, which could also be considered glorification of the common place. One could also establish a characteristic of nature in this poem when the author’s heart “dances with the Daffodils,” at the end of the poem. Wordsworth was discussing a “poet’s goal” in this poem, enjoying life without a violent stimulus, and can be proven on line 15 with “A Poet could not...
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