William Street, by Kenneth Slessor

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William Street, by Kenneth Slessor
English Essay

In the poem, 'William Street' Kenneth Slessor displays a variety of ideas associated with the city in general, but narrows his poem down to direct at William Street. In this essay I will be further exploring the ideas such as the beauty of the street, the urban or city landscape is as beautiful as the country and the idea of change. Optimists are rare when it comes to the city structure and the rubbish that is present all throughout. Slessor, through his poem uses convincing language to help to view things positively and the way he views the street.  

One idea Slessor is able to express is of how the urban or city landscape is as beautiful as the country. People would most agree that with the excessive amounts of land, nature and tranquillity out in the country, the city doesn’t come close to the beautiful outback. "You find it ugly, I find it lovely' a powerful statement repeated all through the poem. He also uses tone in the sentence, to show that he stands firm with his opinion and is defiant, as it shows he views things differently and finds the beauty in all things. People may have the opinion of how the country has more beauty than a city, and one of those reason could be that the city changes and not necessarily in a good way.  

Another idea this is important in this poem, "William Street' is the idea of change, and the way it effects people and their life-style. Every day there is always another change to the world; new apartments built, one more homeless person; just sometimes not at all being a beneficial change, sometimes they are. With each change, certain people can be brought up, or put down. "ghosts' trousers, like the dangle of hung men, In pawn-shops windows, bumping knee to knee, but none inside to suffer or condemn" Slessor uses a simile and suggesting death and danger within and around the street. With the 'ghost' trousers...In pawn-shops windows - it is referring that people have...
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