William Saroyan

Topics: William Saroyan, Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Writing Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: June 8, 2012
William Saroyan is an Armenian-American author whose family immigrated America before Saroyan was born from Bitlis, Ottoman Empire. He was born in Fresno, California and at the age of three, his father died. But there’s a strict thing that you can notice in his writings, Saroyan is influenced by his father too much. Because of the fact that he decided to become a writer after his mother showed him some of his father’s writings. Saroyan usually writes stories, stories of ordinary people. The characters he use don’t do anything superior, just do what they usually do. Barbers cut hairs and taxi drivers drive, at first sight, it sounds boring, but actually it is not, because of the fact that he writes in his own style which is called Saroyanesque in literature. Saroyan made his breakthrough with the story “The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze” in 1934. After this year, he totally became a writer and earned his money from writing until his death. The thing that make him popular too much is the fact that he is an expert to make reader feel the mood of his characters. His stories are usually written in a joyous-sad way, which makes them noticable at the same time. “My work is writing, but my real work is being” he writes in his obituary and during his lifetime, he published over sixty books and one of his stories win the Pulitzer Prize but he rejected it by saying “I can’t call one of the them is better or worse than others”. According to Steve Hauk, who is also an American writer, Saroyan was the most popular and creative author in his time and it is really hard to choose one and say ”it’s better” for his stories. Also his book, The Human Comedy was filmed by MGM and Saroyan won the Academy Award Oscar, for Best Writing Original Screen Story. Due to Paul Kalinian, who is a director and a fan of Saroyan at the same time, before his death, Saroyan said “Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made...
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