William Goldind's Lord of the Flies

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Initial situation
A group of young boys without any adults survives a plane crash on an uninhabitet island. They try to organise themselves, they vote for a leader – a boy named Ralph, they make plans for getting rescued, so they choose the most important thing – to make a smoking fire, so the ships and planes could see them and rescue them. The first problem occures when the boys, who are responsible for keeping the fire burning, go hunting for a pig instead of keeping the fire, the fire goes out and the ship passing the island cannot rescue them. Reversal /Change

The group of hunters, lead by a boy named Jack, refuses the order with Ralph being a leader, they go on the other side ot the island, form their own tribe and start behaving as a primitive hunters and warriors. They paint their faces and bodies with warpaint, they do primitive dances and rituals and they give a sacrifice – a pig’s head - to a „beast“ . One of the boys saw something scary, so they think that some kind of a beast lives on the island . A boy named Simon finds out, that the beast is actually a dead pilot, but when he returnes to tell it to the other boys, they kill him in a war frenzy.They also steal Piggy’s glasses to make a fire and when Piggy and Ralph go to také them back, they throw a stone upon Piggy and kill him. Ralph escapes to the jungle, so they make a hunt on him and set the jungle on fire. Resolution

The fire that is burning in the jungle is making a huge cloud of smoke, sailors on the ship passing the island see it and send a boat to explore the island. They find Jack‘ s tribe hunting for Ralph. The boys are rescued.

The novel shows how fragile is the humanity of people, how easy we can fall back to primitives and we can see the struggle between rationality and order (represented by Piggy and Ralph) and the will to power and dominance (Jack making his own tribe with...
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