William Boag

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William Boag

William Boag is a very successful businessman that developed the area in which Burnside High School was built on. He has been married twice, in total he raised nine children but only three lived due to the issue of his marriages. He has achieved numerous outstanding awards and has been praised president for several different boards.

Boag arrived at Lyttlelton New Zealand in 1851 and did not have much money. Because of this, he did not have much of a burden and immediately walked to pigeon bay to get employed. About one in a half years later, he went on and partnered with Mr. Thompson to set up his dairy business; which was then, one of the most principal industries of New Zealand. During this time, he invested large sums of his own money into shares and stocks to set up his future farm.

In 1853 Boag moved to Riccarton. It was here, that he rented his first piece of land that consisted of chiefly swamp covered with tussock and “niggerheads.” (with the right to purchase at five pounds per acre at the end of five years) In this state, he managed to use his superior farming skills and built a stockyard and a fine dairy of sods, which did duty for some years. Boag worked steadily and determined and before he knew it, he had transformed the place into an exquisite scenery. He then expanded the place into 1700 acres and started importing England shorthorn bulls of the best lineage. He started breeding more and more animals and sold their meat for good money. Because of this, his stocks become very well known to even Australian colonies and was constantly in demanding supply.

Later in Boag’s years, he started to participate in numerous competitions relating to his breeds and added a lot of trophies to his treasured possessions. He became members of several different boards and councils. This included The Riccarton Road Board, The Waimakariri River Board, The Selwyn County Council, The Board of Advice for Lincoln College, The Canterbury...
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