William Black - I Heard an Angel Singing

Topics: God, Good and evil, William Blake Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: December 8, 2011
“I heard an angel singing”

A Matter of Life an Death
In this poem William Blake at the beginning speaks about an angel, who was singing in the small hours every day. An angel was singing all day about mercy, pity, peace, which is the world´s release. Angel was positive feature. He tried to help people. His voice is really beautiful and people feel good during his singing. Devil cursed mercy, pity and peace, because he saw all men are happy in the world and they don´t need any mercy, pity or peace. At a devil´s curse the sun went down and it started heavy rain for three days. Devil do not know people, what they need. Devil is baddy. He try to destroy all the world. People have to have faith in God. Only He is the one, who is able to save people. They are trying, but it is not easy, devil is always here. People are all the time waiting for God´s salvation.

William Blake´s life
I have chosen this really interesting poem written by William Blake, who was both a mystic and visionary poet and the poetry of Blake is a reflection of his own inner vision. The poem, which I have chosen shown it too. Daniel Rops compare him with Ezekiel, who said: „the Spirit lifted me up...and in vision of God he took me“

Blake was one of the greatest poets of Romantic Age, Blake´s influence has spread to the poetry of the twentieth century, as well as to his contemporaries.
He was born in Broad Street in 1757, son a London hosier. Apprenticed at an early age to an engraver. Blake was employed in 1779 by the bookseller J. Johnson. In 1782 he married Cathrine Boucher, which was to be a lasting, though childless, union. He published his first volume, Poetical Sketcher, in 1783 and set up a print shop a year after. As a young boy William Blake had an illumining mystical experience. Throughout his life he maintained this otherworldly quality and most significantly was able to experience and see the divine in and through “ordinary”...
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