Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale Analysis

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World Literature I
Exam II

I. General Questions

Write the letter of the correct answer for each question on the line provided.

1. Euthyphro is involved in a murder trial against whom?

a. His father
b. A domestic servant
c. His brother
d. Meletus


2. Who indicated to Chaerephon that Socrates was the wisest of men?

a. Socrates himself
b. The Oracle of Delphi
c. Sophocles
d. Tiresias, the blind soothsayer

3. In the Apology, Socrates mentions the play “The Clouds” by what playwrite?

a. Aristophanes
b. Sophocles
c. Homer
d. Plato


4. In the Apology, what makes Socrates wiser than other wise men?

a. He knows more about science.
b. He knows more about law.
c. He knows that he is ignorant.
d. He knows that the other wise men are ignorant.


5. Which accuser does Socrates question in the Apology?

a. Euthyphro
b. Lycon
c. Anytus
d. Meletus


6. In the Apology, what is the one favor Socrates asks the judges to do after he is gone?

a. To allow his students to continue teaching
b. To allow his wife to stay in their home
c. To apologize to those he angered
d. To be watchful of his sons


7. Finish this quotation from the Apology: “The _____________ life is not worth living.”

a. Privileged
b. Unexamined
c. Philosopher’s
d. Pious


8. Why does Crito go to Socrates’ cell?

a. To learn what he can from Socrates before his execution b. To convince Socrates to escape from prison
c. To say goodbye to his old friend
d. To bring Socrates some food


9. In his arguments to Socrates, Crito appeals to all of the following except

a. The majority opinion.
b. The criticism that Socrates’ friends and students will endure. c. The corruption of the judges.
d. Socrates’ sense of virtue.


10. A main point of Crito is that one’s life should be governed by

a. Reason, not emotion.
b. Fate, not reason.
c. Emotion, not reason.
d. Religion, not emotion.


II. Short Answer Questions

• Answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Most of these can be answered in a few sentences or less. No matter what, make sure to use complete sentence structure.

1. What is a dialogue? And, what is the dialogue form for Plato specifically? Dialogue is a literary or theatrical form consisting of written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people. Plato’s specific dialogue is simply reduced to nothing but arguments.

2. Describe the Socratic Method and how Socrates uses it to his advantage in the dialogues. The Socratic Method is a series of questions not only to draw individual answers but to encourage fundamental insight into the issues at hand. The individual eventually comes to the answer on their own. It could also be a form of inquiry and debate between an individual with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.

3. Discuss the relationship between Plato and Socrates.

Plato was one of Socrates students and writers of his Philosophical dialogue. Socrates supposedly gave Plato his opinions which were transposed into his views. Plato was known to have lust and romanticized Socrates.

4. Why is Socrates on trial in the Apology?
Socrates is on trial in the Apology for two reasons. The reasons are corruption of the youth and impiety. Impiety meaning not worshipping the Gods properly.

5. What is “Human Wisdom?”
“Human Wisdom” is everything known from self. “All that I...
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