Why I Would Like To Be a Manager

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Why I would like to be a manager

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I would like to be a manager because of four reasons : there is a huge market demand for manager ; being a manager is challenging ; I can promote myself constantly and this job is profitable . First , there is a huge demand for good managers . There are many parts of the world that are developing rapidly . Thousands of new companies are being established everyday . And most bosses know that a good manager is crucial to make a good company,so they are eager to find a good manager . Meanwhile , I believe I will be qualified for this job when I graduate from SHUFE since I am trained adequately in my managing course and I have a good knowledge of the science of managing and many concerning subjects about economics . So I believe I am setting a reasonable and feasible goal . Second , being a manager is challenging . For the first reason , managing is deeply connected with people instead of working with electric lines or chemistry tubes. People are living creatures , they have emotion,demand and potential . To be a good manager , you have to know all their characters , put everyone in the right place and give them the proper work . And you have to create a working atmosphere where harmony and competition both exist . For the second reason , manager need to deal with changes coming from the fast-developing society . So they have to keep up with the news about ethical issues , science innovation , international relationship, laws, local culture, environment and so on . Because all these might influence your decision and strategy . A good manager should be able to get the first-hand news to help the company win the information warfare nowadays . Third , I can promote myself constantly .From the second reason we can see that this job calls for intelligence and ability . It is a job that can dig and realize my value . As time goes by , I can get more working experience and ability while at the same...
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