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Basic Western Art History is one of the most diverse, unique, and interesting topics of discussion. The fact that art was shown in so many ways and various different styles is amazing to me. Deep meanings behind each work of art are what really caught my attention. The different types of art become more complex as the years go by. So it should not be difficult to see why this was my selection. Examining this subject will help me obtain knowledge that I have yet to insert into my memory before, and let me reach and understanding of something new.

This art added so much detail and made places, things, and paintings more visually pleasant. Although some people see the work as just decoration, they all had very important meanings. Like in 1849-1850 at the Courbet, Burial at Ornans the painting was almost a split image of the actual event which was a perfect representation. One of my favorite art forms comes from the period of 1887-1889 which is the Eiffel tower. It was the most famous iron structure from the period erected by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, as an entrance to the 1889 Paris International Exposition. This interested creation can be viewed and toured in Paris, France. It is now known as one of their greatest tourist attractions.

Art from each era are so in depth you can almost relive the time periods. Every important person, place, or thing during the time frame was exploited through art in depth. There is a lot of knowledge to be obtained about this subject, but the interest level is so incredible it is guaranteed to grasp your attention. The Western history can elaborate on and help you understand most of the pasts’ and todays art. I encourage anyone to engage into learning about the Basic History of Western Art as I did.
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