Why I Think I Don't Like to Read

Topics: Family, Master's degree Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: September 21, 2012
Why I Think I Don’t Read
There are some really great readers in my family such was my grandmother, mother, brothers and all three of my children they love to read. I kind of have my own opinion why I don’t like to read. I think you have to have it instill in you as a child. Now that I am getting older maybe reading will become my patience someday. Wow, where can I begin let me go back in time. On January 9, 1899 my grandmother Mrs. Allie Mae Robert was born, early in her life her mother passed away from the flu, so she had to raise by her grandmother. My grandmother told me she was taught to read at a very young age, by her grandmother, sitting by an old coal stove with a lantern. She said that was a number one priority in their home by her grandmother. The first book she learned to read was the bible even before going to school, my said she was a great reader, and I know for a fact she could quote the bible and spell very well. By time my mother was born, my grandmother had somehow got hit in the eye, and because she could not afford to go to the doctor right away, her eyesight had started to deteriorate to the point that there was nothing they could do to save her vision. Now, my mother was her eyes. My mother told me that when she was about 3 or 4 years old my grandmother wanted to vote. She wrote Roosevelt in big letters on a piece of paper, so my mother could vote for her. Grand mom had to teach my mother to read at a very young age for she could help read the labels at the supermarket, read the utilities, and the street car signs as they travel daily. My mother read the paper to my grand mom every day until her death. My mother is an extraordinary read I love to heard ,her read, as children she use to read to us all the time. I was never made to sit down and just read by my mother. I have three children, education and reading has always been a number one priority when it came to my kids. They knew my expectation when it came to school and reading. You...
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