Why Was There an Industrial Revolution in Britain?

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Iron Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 17, 2008
There was an industrial revolution in Britain because of many factors. An industrial revolution means the change of the whole industry in a country. This change affected all that was in the country and was mostly improvements that were made. Usually, production rate of many things increase due to maybe the demands of people are getting higher, or the population is increasing dramatically.

The Industrial in Britain was caused by the increase of population, the increase of production (food/farming), new inventions and better transport was developed. These causes link to each other, the increase of population means more food is needed to feed all the people in Britain which was when farming was improved. Next, with more food and people, transport will have to transport goods and people around places quicker. With new inventions, much machinery was improved meaning more products were made to satisfy the amount of customers in Britain.

First of all, the increase of population was a key to other causes. The more people there are, means the more workers there will be to work in farmlands and other work stations. The population in Britain increased from 18000 people to 90000 people, which is about 5 times as much. The population did not just suddenly grow, it increased gradually. The main cause is, surprisingly not because of people giving birth more often or people travelling from other places to Britain, it was actually the improvements of medicine. With improved medicine, the lifespan of human increased which means less people die each year.

Secondly, farming was improved greatly during 1650 to 1850. There were new ways of farming discovered during this time. Also, new inventions were invented that could increase the rate of food production; some of these ways are still used today. Using steam powered engines were used to help power farm machines. During 1700 to 1800, many farmers learned to do selective breeding with many animals including sheep and cattle....
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