Why Turkey Should Join the Eu

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Why Turkey should join the European Union.

The European Union is an economic and politic organization of which the members consist of European countries; each country contributes in its own way to European Union. Turkey is a partly European and partly Asian country with strong connections to Europe. Negotiations for entry to the European Union started back in 2005 and currently they still proceed. Although some people do not want Turkey to become a member of the European Union, the European Union would definitely benefit from a Turkish membership.

There are a lot of economic advantages of a Turkish membership to the EU. For example, Turkey has a large consumption market, as well as a large Arabic hinterland. The area of distribution of the European Union becomes much bigger when Turkey joins the European Union. This enhances production and stimulates the European economy. Another advantage is that Turkey could become the bridge between Europe and the Islamic world (Eindhovens Dagblad, 2004). If Turkey joins the European Union, it will be the first non-Christian country that is a member of the European Union. 98 percent of the population is Muslim, and because of their economic connection to the mainly Christian European Union, they would fulfil the bridging function to the Islamic countries that are situated at their South-East. Every member of the European Union will benefit from such an economic bridge; the area of distribution grows substantially. Something else is the possibility for European firms to open business centres in Turkey, so they are able to produce cheaper for the local markets there. The costs of transport will be considerably lower and probably also production costs, because of lower wages and material costs. Definitely to the benefit of the European economy is Turkey’s large young and well-educated labour force. The labour force counts approximately eighty million people, of which the average age is about 27 years old (as cited in...
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