Why the Internet Is a Waste of Time

Topics: World Wide Web, Thought, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Jorge Ortiz

English 1301

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Mrs. Del Valle

Analyzing: The Net is a Waste of Time

In William Gibson’s persuasive essay “The Net is a Waste of Time,” he often uses figurative language to portrait his point of view and most of the time talks to the audience as a first person. He is trying to convince the reader that, in an inadvertent way the World Wide Web (The Net) is just wasting our time. The purpose of his essay is to make the reader re-think the fact that the net isn’t what everyone expects; instead of thinking that we are using our time productively we spend most of it in unnecessary situations.

Gibson’s essay makes the audience question themselves whether most of modern technology is time useless, or if it’s time worthy like society influences us to think. The fact that William mentions his early life experiences about the involvement of wasting time reflects that today we don’t even have time to waste time. Indeed, the net is the medium to our social intercourse; making the people unable to socialize among each other. We as a society over value the World Wide Web and give it a bad usage making us depend on it. Unfortunately, we as people are close minded that we can’t see beyond needing something or wanting something.

In my point of view the author allows the audience in an abstract form to analyze the meaning
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