Why Should I Want to Become a Teacher?

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Why I became a Teacher?
When I was unfulfilled, working in the profession of social work, I decided that I would need to help others for my job. That was in 2007. I quit my job and did something that I had never done before. I started hiking the Appalachian Trail by myself. After thinking about what goals I had, it hit me: teaching. As a teacher you will influence youth to make a difference in their lives. That is when I thought about the example that my mother had been for students at her high school. When I was thinking about this back in 2007, I remembered that I hated my middle school experience. Then I thought maybe I could make a difference for some youth within the middle school setting. Finally, it all came together when I stopped hiking at a lake in New York, I have been working with youth from ages 11-18 for the past two years. I enjoy explaining new concepts to people so that they understand them, and I have had teachers around me all of my life. So that is when my hike ended. I went to visit relatives in New York for two weeks after I had decided to go back to Richmond, Virginia to look into options for teaching. Michelle Shearer said in her interview for teacher of the year, “what I love about teaching is at the end of every day I never have to wonder if what I do makes a difference” (Shearer, 2013). This is one question that I will not have to ask again because I believe teachers do make a huge difference in their student’s lives. Who Inspired me to be a Teacher?

The main person who influenced me to become a teacher was my mother, Mrs. Barbara Edwards. She is an amazing woman and has influenced many lives in her 26 years as a special education teacher. She has a servant’s heart and high expectations for students who come into her classroom. She also will do the little things to encourage her students. While one of her students was in school his mother died. She went to the funeral and made sure to check in with him about how...
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