Why Recommend the Blind Assassin

Topics: Margaret Atwood, Short story, The Blind Assassin Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: May 28, 2013
To each their own

I would recommend this novel to an individual who is interested in a book that involves mystery, death and love. I recommend this novel to one of my friends, who likes a book with lots of depth, complicity and secrecy at the same time but yet it all comes together eventually. This specific individual is interested in novel’s that keeps her guessing and constantly on her toes. Another good reason why I would recommend this novel to this specific person is because her favourite author is Margaret Atwood. This individual would love this novel, because there’s so much in this novel that remains unsaid, so much that stays between the lines. She likes novels that play with your mind and make you think. She would love how one story leads to another but yet they’re connected to each other some how. She also likes how Margaret Atwood’s novels are more work then a typical book. Another reason why I would recommend this novel to my friend is because, she likes novels that are like puzzles, there are multiple pieces to the stories and once put together they make sense. But I also believe that anyone should read this novel, it’s intriguing and right when you think your confused and done with the book, it grabs you back in again with another twist. Even the title makes you interested in the novel, because you wonder what it’s about and why it’s called The Blind Assassin. The main reasons that prompt me to recommend this novel is because The Blind Assassin is the story of two sisters, Iris and Laura Chase, who grow up in Canada in the inter-war years. Right at the beginning, we are told that after the end of WW2, when she was only 25, Laura committed suicide by driving her car off a bridge. Iris is telling this story many years after the fact. She is an elderly woman now. By looking back, she tries to understand, or explain the events that led to her sister’s death and to other tragedies in her life. The several layers and the stories inside the story work...
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