Why Make Print?

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Title: Why Make Print?

1.Describe and analyze the development of Print media in local and global context. 2.Explore the relationship between art ideas and use of media. The written assignment should have accurate attributions from literature, and well organized and structured ideas. 


In the beginning printmaking was not considered to be an art form or a medium of communication.Print making is merely the reproduction of text or image.According to Roderick, Anne, Shelagh and Jessica(1990), “the earliest form of printing was woodblock printing, with existing examples from China dating to before 220 A.D.” Berner(1997) claimed that In China, an alternative to woodblock printing was a system of reprography which means the reproduction of graphics thronugh mechanical or electrical since the Han Dynasty using carved stone steles to reproduce pages of text. However, Woodblock printing is not convenient and time-cosuming.Therefore, they use paperin.

Andy Warhol was a man of change, and used many different materials for creating his artistic masterpieces. These materials included: oil paints, acrylic paints, silk screening, metals, chemicals, ink, photographs, etc.

It was not till the 18th century that art prints began to be considered originals and not till the 19th that artists began to produce limited editions and to sign their prints along with the technical information necessary to authenticate the work. Printmaking, like everything else in the art world, exploded in the first half of the 20th century. First and foremost was Pablo Picasso, the Spanish lad from Málaga who made more than 1,000 prints including etchings, engravings, drypoints, woodcuts, lithographs and lino cuts. Picasso almost single handedly returned printmaking's center of gravity to France. Then came Braque, Matisse, Rouault, Chagal, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, Jan Arp, Salvador Dalí and others. In Germany it was the time of the Expressionists, Emil Nolde, Max Beckmann (who taught in the U.S.A. after the Second World War), George Grosz, Ernst Barlach, Erich Heckel, Oskar Kokoschka and others. Hot on the heels of Expressionism in Germany came the Bauhaus, where artists like Kandinsky and Paul Klee produced seminal work.

In 19 century, Print making started to become popular.Nick, Jamie and Luren (2008) pointed out that “Health and chemical regulation lead to the heavier use of other printing techniques, such as digital printing, electrostatic priting, ink-jet printing, laser-photo printing and thermal transfers.”These new technologies have applications that silkscreen cannot share, such as giant plastic bus-wrap posters and graphics covering an entire side of the high-rise condominium.

Nowsaday, screen printing has been embraced as a meduium of the people. According to Jamie and Luren(2008), Do-it-yourself(DIY) culture and open-source information lead to a totally democratic medium that anyone can screen Print with limited means and experience and produce reasonably good results.

In Hong Kong , the development of print media in Hong Kong.Vijay (2010) illustrated that Hong Kong's broadsheet-turned-tabloid The Standard is free as well though with anorexic news pages and wraparound-cover ads that have obliterated the marque. Print Media in Hong Kong: Major NewspapersApple Daily and Oriental Daily are the leading Chinese-language publications on the newspaper market in Hong Kong. Both papers are fiercely competing to be the best-selling daily in the city. A lot of their popularity comes from their informal style and their focus on celebrity coverage and what you could call “sensationalist” news reporting.  For a slightly more serious and objective coverage, Ming Pao should be the newspaper of your choice. The leading financial newspaper in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Economic Times.

The different between Hong Kong and global context of development of print media.

The relationship between art ideas...
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