Why Is There Such a Diverse Mixture of Nonscientific Knowledge (Pseudoscience) That Claims That Their Own Brand of Knowledge Production Is the Most Powerful?

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Pseudoscience Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Manosca, Aynna Claudine G.EN
SOCTEC1 – John Casti: Faith, Hope, and Asperity
Why is there such a diverse mixture of nonscientific knowledge (pseudoscience) that claims that their own brand of knowledge production is the most powerful?
As time has passed by, the Earth has changed, and so its physical state. As these changes occur the beliefs of different people also change. They find knowledge through these changes, the changes of what altered their beliefs or something new to them, something unusual, unidentified.

This knowledge of what the people hold is their claim of what they believe is happening. It may be in the field of science or pseudoscience. Science is what we believe is true but it is not, it is still then subject to modification; hence, we know it is proven by experiments, and evidences. Then here comes, pseudoscience, having the suffix “pseudo-”, meaning that it is used to mark something as false, fraudulent, or pretending to be something it is not, combining the words “pretending to be science”. Pseudoscience, is now what we sat “not science” because, the basic reason is, that it lacks evidence and it is put into a pattern of reasoning.

From the beginning, of what the people know is all based on reasoning. They did not start from equation, as what Sir Isaac Newton did in which mathematical terms were added to describe nature and said to be, from John Casti, that it is the keystone in the arch of scientific knowledge whose foundations were laid by Aristotle; they did not calculate how far the Earth is to that Sun, but then going back in the days of the Greeks. They use reasoning in knowing how things are.

An example is Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision (1950), he believed and explained the phenomena happening on Earth and even outside with his belief of a series of celestial cataclysms that took place and made these events real. He believed a large comet came from Jupiter and having its tail touched the Earth causing the...
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