Why History Is Important

Topics: Telephone, Invention, Morse code Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: September 30, 2008
History is, whether we like it or not; part of our past. Everything we use today has it's genes in our past. From the simplest of things, such as a pencil - to more sophisticated things such as cell phones. Everything was made possible by past events.

Take the telephone for an example. It's so easy to use. But yet, it took centuries to build up to, and to perfect. In the 1800's, people didnt have telephones, but rather telegrams. To use one, however, you would need to learn Morse Code.

As I said before, everything has a history. Even countries. Learning the history of other countries, even you own, is important. Many people who are successful in life in life learned from their mistakes. So for our country to be successful, we must learn from the mistakes of not just our country's past, but also the past of others as well.

Not only is history good for carving a great nation, but also allows students to discover the roots of their country. To learn about how it started, and how it grew larger. Also, it gives them an insight to try and invent or do something that would become part of history itself. From inventing something small but useful, to curing a major disease such as Cancer. It will all go down in history. From a man who found a new species, to discovering a new planet suitable for life. It ALL goes down in history.
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