Why Forest Management Is Important to Our Nature?

Topics: Geographic information system, Science, Mathematics Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: March 2, 2008
Forest Management and why studying it is important?
Forest Management is basically providing the forest proper care so it stays healthy and vigorous and provides the products and values the landowner desires. I believe that the reason why studying forest management is important for the students of today is because the children of today are the future so they SHOULD know the techniques and methods applied in order to manage forest because there are many aspects of our life that are interconnected with forest for example the paper production, wildlife safety, oxygen production, fruits etc. Forest Management and Computer Science students

Two most important methods used by the computer science students are the Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing. There are many forestry applications that remote sensing can be used for example terrain analysis, forest management, recultivation, updating of existing forest inventories, forest cover type discrimination, the delineation of burned areas, and mapping of cleared areas and GIS can be used for comprehensive forest stand descriptions, ownership information, wildlife habitat information, wetlands information and natural and protected areas. Forest Management and Business students

On the other hand the business students study the challenges of sustainable forestry and forest management through visual projections of harvest strategies. In simple words basically the business students study the art of Sustainable forestry issues which have drastically changed the way forests are managed which means that important change has been the addition of management objectives with clear spatial requirements; outputs must not only be maintained at certain levels, but in specific spatial configurations. Forest Management and Natural Science students

Natural Science students on the other hand, study the environmental effects on the entire forests and how can we manage these effects in order to let these forests...
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