Why Do Shakespeare and Blake Show Love and Conflict in Romeo and Juliet and the Sick Rose. Why?

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Two Williams. One concept. Love. The two texts are based on love and conflict which relates to the audience. How? The emotions effected by such a delicate topic are felt strongly through the use of linguistic devices such as the sequences of events, dramatic irony, puns, characters themselves as well as the fervour in the language and the sentiment that they instil onto the audience which brings out pivotal sections. The exploration of such artistic measures will reveal the representation and interpretation of love and conflict in the minds of both writers as expressed in the text. I believe that Blake is very similar to Romeo. How? Easily moved by and consumed with emotion, the first line drips with so much vehemence towards the rose. ‘O Rose, thou art sick!’ Here, I believe that Blake is talking about his love why? And he tries to create a sense of Distress and sorrow by using the word ‘sick’. Expand. He achieves this by using the vocative of the noun and also adding the exclamation mark to the end of the line. The depth of his emotion is clearly conveyed and it has an element of resonance to it that keeps it echoing through the heads of the audience But why does he use the word rose? Research. This rose who is the embodiment of femininity due to its bittersweet nature is in love with another who is the worm. And this unrequited love is the thorn on the rose that pricks when one tries to hold on. It is the puncture in the vein that cripples the heart when one tries to hold on to love too tightly.L The audience perceives a hint of sexuality in Blake's poem. This is shown in his references to male genitalia, the ‘worm’ and also female genitalia, her ‘bed of crimson joy’ which I think refers to the hymen. The effect of this image of passion created is the support of the notion that love is the driving force behind everything which was a popular belief during romanticism which was the period in which Blake lived. This brought in the perspective of love as a living fantasy. It is heroic in the way that the rose may have viewed the worm as a caterpillar soon becoming a butterfly or even as a silk worm that creates precious articles so delicate – love, and therefore her hero. But it is also a deadly gothic fantasy. The worm ‘flies in the night’ and it is ‘invisible’ with the disguise of the ‘howling storm’ which I believe could be perceived to be villainous. The villain then infects the rose with its ‘dark secret love’ that ruins her life. This contrasts with the ‘holy’ love in act1 sc5 In this way, I come to think of Blake’s view of love as destructive ‘does thy life destroy’. He, views the worm as a scoundrel who is taking away his beloved and consequently, a pest. With Juliet playing the part of the rose, Romeo’s ‘dark secret love’ could be the house of which he comes from i.e. the Montague’s as it actually does destroy Juliet’s life and she eventually dies because of this. His dark secret love could also be his emotion and passion.Effects What they view love as ---just slip it in there

Two Williams. One concept. Love – and conflict. Complex word structures, linguistic devices and the like are evident in both pieces of literature as well as different perspectives of love. But what unites them and what distinguishes them? This question can only be answered by exploring both texts and contemplating the motives behind each motif. And by dissecting each piece, a bridge can be built across the sea of ideas they both share but also, the sands of time on both sides can be conflicted and contrasted giving us a deeper idea of the influences on both of the writers ultimately aiding the recognition of the twists both writers put on the constants in life we call love and conflict. Love is an experience. It is an instinctive journey that we are set to make from conception. It’s a call and a response.

“O Rose, thou art sick!” I believe that the use of the vocative is not only for emphasis but also to show that he is distressed about...
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