Why Did the Tension Increased Between the Great Powers in 1905 - 1912

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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6.) Explain why the tension increased between the great powers in the years 1905 – 1912 (12 Marks)

Tension increased between the great powers because of many crises that occurred during these years. The first crisis was the first Moroccan crisis in 1906 when France hoped to conquer morocco and as one of the points of the entente cordiale Britain would help them. But in 1905 Kaiser Wilhelm visited morocco and promised to protect morocco and their people. The French were furious by this promise and the British saw it as yet another attempt by Germany to build a German empire that would rival Britain’s empire A conference was held in 1906 were Britain and Russia supported France and Germany was forced to promise to stay out of Morocco.

The Bosnian crisis of 1908 was another reason why tension increased between the great powers. In 1908 there was a revolution in turkey, and Austria – Hungary took advantage of this to annex the Turkish state of Bosnia. Serbia was furious because Bosnia included many Serbs whom it had hoped to rule. This crisis leads to the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand is Sarajevo in June of 1914 and the First World War.

The final crises that lead to tension between the great powers and eventually the First World War was the Agadir crisis in 1911. There was a revolution in morocco and the French sent in an army to put it down and then took over the country, because of the promise the Kaiser had made to the people of Morocco he decided to send the gunboat panther to the port of Agadir. The French and British were furious because the Kaiser had broken his promise to stay out of Morocco. Lloyd George said that “Britain’s interests were vitally affected” and the fear of Germany’s intentions increased. The tension also increased between Britain and Germany because of Germany building the dreadnought, Britain were the rulers of the sea and with Germany building this boat and building up its navy Britain and Germany started to compete...
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