Why Crimes are Increasing in Columbia

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Inflation and lack of job opportunities are the main factors that have produced an increase in the crime rate of Columbia. Inflation that happening in Columbia is a serious problem. For example, A good education costs 6,000 Columbian pesos ($U.S 120) per month per child because of that only middle- and upper-income children attend school. Another examples of inflation, the average Columbian makes a salary of about 13,000 pesos per month ($U.S 250), the inflation rate in 1980 was 14 percent and in the 1987 the rate was 26 percent, the average Columbian family has an income of 18,000 pesos per month ($U.S 360) and $U.S 350 is spent for survival (food, clothing, shelter), twenty-five percent of all major crimes are committed by workers who make less than 13,000 pesos a month. From all of the examples, that is why inflation is a serious problem because many people who work don’t make enough money to live or to educate their children. Beside inflation, lack of job opportunities also big problem that cause increasing in the crime rate of Columbia. This is the examples of lack of job effect, Major crimes (murder, robbery, assault) have increased 185 percent since 1980, In 1987 there were two million unemployed Columbians (8 percent of population), Eighty percent of Columbia’s unemployed live in the street of towns and cities, Fifty-five percent of all major crimes are committed by unemployed people. Unemployed people have no way to get food or even a place to live because the government does not provide any social services to the poor. Consequently, in order to survive they are doing crime and become criminal, that makes crime rate in Columbia increasing. In conclusion, the government must stabilize the currency and build factories to employ the people so that the crime rate will drop.
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