Why Are Sensorial Materials an Essential Part of the Prepared Environment and How Does the Sensorial Materials Assist the Child in His Explorations of the World?

Topics: Sense, Perception, Sensory system Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Why are sensorial materials an essential part of the prepared environment and how does the sensorial materials assist the child in his explorations of the world?

Undeniably sensorial materials play a prominent, positive and profound influence to help the child in his exploration of the world around. In the early nineteenth century, the British romantic poets also could visualize the significance and importance of sensuous sensibility of five senses. Dr. Montessori contributed in putting her ideas in practice. In the modern academic environment, sensorial materials and the exploration of same five senses has profound and significant relevance. In reality, we adults add to the confusion of a child. David Gettman contributes on this view as “ In such an environment, amid the whirl of family activity, wild and fleeting images, colours, noises, rhythms and movements incessantly bombarded the child’s senses. The available field for experience is intensely visual or auditory; touch is either forbidden or confined to smooth unbreakable plastic, temperatures are constant, smells are masked, and the taste is of necessity guarded against..In a prepared environment a child is provided with all the opportunities which we unknowingly deny him.

Furthermore,Dr. Maria Montessori discovered six sensitive periods in a child’s life. She described the sensitive periods as the blocks of time in a child’s life when he is absorbed with one characteristic of his environment to the exclusion of all others. The sensitive periods are: sensitivity to order, learning through five senses, and sensitivity to small objects, sensitivity to co ordination of movement, sensitivity to language, and sensitivity to social aspect of life.

Out of these six sensitive periods Dr. Montessori explains that the child learns through his five senses and he has his sensitive periods. If his sensitive periods are discovered at the right time and he is exposed to sensorial education by giving him...
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