Why Architecture Students Drop Their General Education Subjects

Topics: Architecture, Bachelor's degree, Bachelor of Architecture Pages: 12 (3310 words) Published: March 7, 2013

A Research Paper
Presented to
The School of
La Consolacion College Bacolod

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
the BS Architecture 1A
in English 2

Joanna Marie Peregrina
Christine Fernandez
Lorei Mae Sanchez
Herlen Faith Tañedo
Earl Leah Turbanos
Gerlie Donie Dayanan
Chapter I
Background of the Study
Architecture is a field in which time is needed in every corner. As we have noticed, many of the students taking up Bachelor of Science in Architecture are prone to be busy and are exceedingly occupied that they have no time for things that may destruct them from their main attention which is doing their plates and researches. In accordance to that, they are fully loaded in their major subjects and sometimes have no time to attend their general education subjects because of the busyness. Since these are the lifestyle of Architecture students, it will result in dropping some of their general education subjects for the reason that they cannot occupy the time in attending such subjects which are not that much related to the course they have taken up. Students have right to choose whether they should attend classes or not, this will be a significant advantages for the suitable managing of their time. In this manner, Architecture students offer more time for their major subjects. In this research, the researchers want to give more knowledge to the readers of the reasons why Bachelor of Science in Architecture students drop their general education subjects. The researchers also want to point out the causes and effects to the students’ education as they continue to learn the precept of becoming future architects.

Statement of the Problem
The primary purpose of this study is to determine reasons why Bachelor of Science in Architecture students of School Year 2012-2013 drop their general education subjects, and also to establish the effects of these actions to their studies. This study would specifically persuade the following objectives: 1. What minor subjects do architecture students mostly drop? 2. What are the factors that make the students drop their general education subjects? 3. What are the possibilities that are going to happen of the students drop their general education subjects? 4. What would some architecture students do to avoid dropping their minor subjects?

Statement of Hypothesis
1. The probable General Education subjects that a number of architecture students mostly drop are the following: i) Physical Education
ii) Religious/Values Education
iii) Filipino
iv) Guidance
2. The factors that make architecture students drop their general education subjects are because of the loaded schedule, unfinished plates, lack of time, and tiredness. 3. Unable to finish their course in an expected time allotted would be a major probability why architecture students drop their general education subjects. 4. To avoid dropping their general education subjects architecture students should manage their time wisely and be responsible for every action they may take.

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek." The passage evidently means that it is through perseverance that an individual can attain success is life. Students as we are, we still have challenges to go face later in life. Though we somehow have difficulties in our life as students, we ought to face them with courage and determination for us to advance to the next level of experience.

Assumptions of the Study
1. College will be the time when some might struggle to cope with the stresses...
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