Why Am I Me?

Topics: Differences, Human, Person Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: January 31, 2012

This question has been bugging me lately and I find it very intriguing. What is consciousness? The more you think about it, the more you realise that this is not a question of science, but a question of philosophy. You are basically the product of all your experience and learning

So basically you very well might not be you...... but that wouldn't make a difference and you would still do, say and think the exact same thing. Everyone is the exact same person, but with different programming so that I am you, and you are me given the exact same scenario of our individual genetics and experiences. Its the same as the difference between my computer and yours..... mine has different things on the memory and was maybe designed a little better or a little worse...... they are basically the exact same thing with slight differences that make all the difference.

Every human has individual life experience and genetic derivation..... that difference forms a persons identity and makes them who they are...... if you swapped any other person into the exact same scenario they would be the exact same. They would no longer be them and would become the new person entirely. If you took two absolutely identical babies and raised them exactly the same they should turn out to think act and do the exact same thing. You would have to remember that even slight differences can make drastic changes

The real You.for example you were you as a child, the same you as a teenager,the same you as an adult and the same you when you grow old.You did not change only your physical body etc changed.The You is consciousness of Yourself.

I can’t not be me, by definition. Self and consciousness are intertwined, so that the ownership of my consciousness can never really be in doubt. I am my consciousness. It would make more sense to ask why I have this body than to ask why I have this consciousness. So it might seem that the mystery of why I am who I am is really about on a par...
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