Why Althetes Use Ste Roids

Topics: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees, Barry Bonds Pages: 4 (1225 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Mitchell McKenna
English 101 Essays III
Option II
Why Do We Cheat By Using Drugs?

There are two stories that we read that talked about Performance Enhancing Drugs. One was “cheating and CHEATING” by Joe Posnanski, the other was “WE, the Public the Best Athletes on Pedestals” by William Moller. Both of these stories explain in great detail on how using these drugs are wrong and change any game you play but mostly baseball.

Joe Posnanski talks about how in baseball around Babe Ruth’s era nobody had used steroids and they are now called the greatest players of all time including Babe, Ted Williams, Honus Wagner, and Mickey Mantle. Three of these players we on the Yankees. He explains how they didn’t need to use drugs to make their stats better. They worked day in and day out on becoming a better ball player.

William Moller explains how A-rod used them because he taught he needed to be the best player in the game from the contract by the New York Yankees. He also explains how there are other was of cheating such as when he was in a school he used Ritalin to stay up and study for a test when he was already beginning his third straight all nighter.

There are other drugs then this though. Such as what kids use in college called Adderall. This is the same goal as Ritalin. Except doesn’t have much side effects. This drug makes you focus more then you have ever done before. This is prescribed to people who have ADD. This can help people get a paper done is under an hour if they can type fast enough. Another side effect is that it is very addictive. You may want to use it the next day because of all the work you’ve done.

This is not a drug but it can be counted from what it does. This is called Niacin, and its included into Vitamin B. This helps clear an athlete’s body from drugs. It doesn’t help as prescribed drugs, but it can still do the job. This makes it so athletes cannot be caught if they do take drugs. People need to realize that things...
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