Why Alexander the Great Was Great.

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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It is quite common to go through life following the demands of society and refusing to be unique, allowing it to shape and characterise the lives within the society. In fact, society is even apt of delineating the lives amongst it. However Alexander III, King of Macedon, Pharaoh of Egypt, Supreme Commander in Chief of all Greeks and Emperor of Persia, was not a follower. He was the person leading society; the moulder, the shaper. Through his instantaneous reaction and actuation, he was able to make to important decisions, and it was evident that Alexander was a large influence on his people through the observations of his unconditional courage and bravery. The vicissitude he bequeathed to military tactics made it perceptible that he was not an asset of the society he lived in, but a ruler. Alexander, born as Alexandros, son of King Philip I of Macedon and his wife Olympias, could be considered great due to the fact that he was an incredible leader, forming the largest empire in all of history. The creation of his empire was a journey toward anti-racism, uniting people from the Balkan Mountains to the Indus River and encouraging them to work together and find peace. However, due to the fact that controlling such a large empire was difficult and impossible to do alone, his temper was vindictive. This caused fear amongst his people as he ordered those who refused to obey him to be executed. Despite the fact that this was a negative approach in controlling his people, he also had other methods, such as the promotion of Greek ideals, thoughts, and cultures. This eventually brought peace to the land, leading to a mix of cultures as people intermingled and goods were traded. Furthermore, he allowed his people to keep their normal traditions only asking them to be loyal to him which is why he was such a successful leader and is known as great. In terms of being a military leader, Alexander had such revolutionary combat tactics which assisted him to achieve greatness. He...
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