Why Abiotic Factors Are Important

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How Abiotic Factors Affect Living Organisms
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Planet Earth is the only known planet that has conditions suitable enough for living organisms to grow, reproduce and survive. These conditions are a combination of non-living components like water, sunlight, temperature and living components like micro-organisms, plants and animals. The non-living components of a particular environment that make the conditions ideal for sustenance of life are known as the abiotic factors. Some of the important abiotic factors that affect living organisms are: Water

Water can easily be called the lifeblood of Earth. The planet’s surface is covered by 70% water and it is the essential component of all living beings. 75 % of the human body is comprised of water, with 90% of blood being water. All living beings, whether they are animals or plants, need a definite percentage of water present in their body to remain healthy. In human beings water helps regulate the body's temperature and blood pressure. It is also an important part of saliva, sweat and tears. In plants important nutrients are carried from the soil to the plants through water. The water bodies of the world have more life forms present in them than found on land. Water has the property of its solid frozen form being less dense than the liquid form. This important property makes ice float on water and allows many aquatic life forms to survive in cold conditions in the water in spite of the surface being frozen. There is a wide range of temperature in which water remains in liquid form and it has the ability to dissolve many essential nutrients & minerals. All this and more make water an iessential factor for survival of life. Temperature

All plants and animals are adapted to survive between a minimum and...
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