Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Topics: Comedy Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: March 8, 2009
English Essay
A play that I have read is “whose life is it anyway?” which was written by Brian Clark and I thought it was good. In the play Ken, who is a paralyzed man who wants to die and has to fight for the right to die. In this essay I am going to explain how Brian Clark makes the play an effective one which deals with the subject of euthinasia. In this paragraph I am going to explain that Brian Clark uses humour to make the play effective. An example of humour would be black humour; this is humour about subjects which some people might find offensive such as death. Another example would be an innuendo, a word or phrase open to two interpretations one of which is usually indecent. One more is a pun; this is a play on words and often involves the reworking of well known phrases. The last one is irony, Incrongrivity (miss match) between what is expected and what actually is is for example if someones surname is walker but they couldn’t walk that would be ironic. In this paragraph I am going to discuss how Brian Clark uses character to make the play more effective. I imagined a main character in a play about euthinasia to be depressed and suicidal before I read the play but this is different to Ken who is the opposite of these examples would be “Ah! Is there a consult’s round this morning?” this is an example of his intelligence in how the hospital system works. Ken is interested in other people and is been to them aspeople and not professionals, evidence for this is “why? Youre not only a doctor are you? You can’t tell me that you regard them only as mammary glands.” Ken has a good sense of humour; this is shown in which he says. “What do you mean?! Have I finished nurse. I havn’t estarted her yet”, this suggests he has a good sense of humour. In this paragraph I will look at how Brian Clark shows how other people react to someone in Ken’s situation. Two pieces of evidence which suggest Nurse Saddler is quiet and frieandly yet inexperienced, Nurse Saddler...
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