Who Was to Blame for the Cuban Missile Crissis

Topics: Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuba, United States Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Who was to blame for the Cuban missile crisis?
The U.S had part of this crisis as they overreacted to the fact that the U.S.S.R was importing missiles into Cuba. They made Cuba tense because they tried to invade Cuba twice. The Cubans needed and help and the U.S.S.R were there to help. If the U.S didn’t try to invade Cuba then it wouldn’t cause so much tension thus the crisis not happening. Also if they haven’t set up a base in Turkey then this wouldn’t have led the Russians to put missiles in Cuba. Over-reacted to situation and led to escalation of conflict. The U.S wanted to help Cuban exiles to overthrow the Castro government (which was hostile to USA). CIA under President Eisenhower had sought to help the anti-Castro rebels to overthrow the regime. Organised Operation Zapata that was carried out on 17th April 1961. Failed miserably. America followed this with Operation Mongoose which aimed to destabilise Cuba through acts of sabotage, economic warfare through embargo on Cuban imports, increasing Cuban’s diplomatic isolation through its expulsion from the Organisation of American States and simulating military exercises (code named Ortsac) aimed at toppling an imaginary dictator. (Edwards, 2002: 127-8). America was trying to topple Castro through isolating Cuba, and in doing so, increased the hostility of the Castro regime against the USA and accentuated the fear of invasion, thereby prompting Castro to turn to Moscow for help to defend Cuba from America. (Because Castro was aware that Cuba could not possibly defend herself against America.) (Edwards 2002: 126, 128)

The U.S.S.R is also to blame as they were taking advantage of the fact that Cuba was close to the U.S. This creates tension for the U.S as this poses a threat to their security. This act made the U.S feel threatened thus taking action. Should not have gotten involved with Cuba? Feb 1960: Extended $100 million worth of credits to Cuba. (Edwards, 2002: 125) May 1962: USSR deployed regiments and...
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