Who Moved My Cheese Book Review

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Who moved my Cheese
Who moved my Cheese
Leadership Book Review
Leadership Book Review
Mohit Khatri
Mohit Khatri

What is the purpose of this book and its central philosophy or perspective?3
Does the book achieve its goals?6
What is the method or approach used by the authors to reach their conclusions? Is the approach clearly specified so that its validity can be determined?6
Are the conclusions credible?6
What are the implications for practicing leaders?7
What are the primary strengths and weaknesses of the book?7
Would you recommend this book to someone interested in leadership? Why or why not?7

Definitions “The distinguishing personal characteristics of a leader, such as intelligence, honesty, self-confidence, and appearance are referred to as traits” (Daft, 2008, Page 38) A leadership perspective that sought to identify the inherited traits leaders possessed that distinguish them from people who were not leaders is commonly referred to as the Great Man Approach. (Daft, 2008, Page 38) Introduction

“Who moved my cheese” is written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It revolves around four characters Sniff, Scurry who are mice and Hem and Haw who are little people. In this story the little people have complex brains and are considered to be much smarter than the mice. On the other hand mice have simple brains and try to do things as simply as possible without complicating the situation. What is the purpose of this book and its central philosophy or perspective? In “Who moved my cheese” both the mice and the little people begin their journey inside a maze. They want to reach the cheese, which could be hidden anywhere in the maze. Cheese here is a metaphor for what the mice and little people want to achieve in their life. Cheese has different names for different people for some it could be a job or a relationship, while for others it could be money, a big house or even an activity. They are aware of the dangers that might prevent them from reaching the cheese. The Characters put on their running shoes and start searching for the cheese inside the maze, both in the dangerous and safe areas. After they found the cheese the mice decide to follow the routine of waking up early and reaching station C. The also kept their running shoes with them everyday. While on the other hand the little people followed the routine only in the beginning, but gradually and slowly started to come late and stopped keeping their running shoes with them as they thought they had found what they were looking for and the running shoes were no longer required. They made the station their comfort zone, made paintings and were skeptical of leaving their comfort zone. Hem and haw loved the station and started feeling very satisfied with their life or so they though they were satisfied Sniff and Scurry were alert and observant. They started to notice that small changes had started taking place in the station. They were aware of the changing condition of the cheese and as mentioned above they kept their running shoes with them, they did not change their routine at all, not even a little bit unlike Hem and Haw, who thought that the cheese gave them its word that it would not change at all and was never going away anywhere. On one particular day when all of them came to the station they were not able to find the cheese, it was gone. Station C had no cheese what so ever. Snuff and Scurry did expect this to happen and put on their running shoes and started to look for new cheese in the maze. The two started sniffing and scurrying, with hope that they would find...
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